Turf Renovation

About Turf Renovation

Turf renovation is a full-service process to refresh your lawn and have it looking it’s best. The process starts with scarifying and core aerating, before scalping and then applying any required soil treatment, such as fertiliser, fungicides and insecticides.

Turf Renovation Information

  • Complete Full-Service Turf Renovation
  • Increase Overall Turf Health and Performance
  1. Core Aerating
  2. Scarifying
  3. Scalping
  4. Turf Disease Treatment
  5. Fertiliser Application

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Additional Services

Irrigation Services

Installation and management of manual and automated irrigation systems and pumps

Turf Installation

Everything Turf Installation

Core Aerating

Give your lawn room to grow deeper roots, increase water efficiency and improve overall health
Core Aerating reduces soil density and allows more room for roots to grow.


Remove thatch to give roots room to grow.
Everything Turf has specialised equipment to enable efficient removal of the thatch layer.

Cylinder Mowing

Achieve the lowest possible cut height, leaving your turf looking like a bowling green.